What happens when we sin after having been saved?  How does one reconcile salvation that is “not of works” with the disciplines of discipleship?  Can true believers collect candy on Halloween, vacation at Disney World, or watch movies?  Generations of Christ-followers have enjoyed singing about Amazing Grace that saves us, while ignoring reigning grace that frees us.  The apostle Paul said, “Just as sin reigned in death, so also grace might reign in righteousness” (Rom. 5:21). 

Are you ready to experience the downpour of divine freedom?  Grace elevates faith, celebrates serving, and resonates with worship. 

Reigning Grace takes the reader on an insightful and inspiring journey.  Grab your umbrella because the forecast includes reign!


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Have your ever dreamed and had a nightmare?  Have you ever swung for the fence and struck out?  Surge Beyond Setbacks is a survival guide for those who have discovered that the road to success has potholes.  A failed marriage, the death of a loved one, a rebellious child, or a physical sickness can threaten to destroy our lives.  Surge Beyond Setbacks explores biblical strategies for overcoming life's struggles.

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Mountain Moving Faith


Experience the explosion of energy from a shuttle launch.  Step into the ring with Muhammad Ali.  Stand with the brave men at the Alamo as Iron 2 Iron leads you on a discovery of characteristics that define a godly man.  Based on the biblical promise "As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another," Iron 2 Iron equips men to become faithful warriors through the examination of ten extraordinary men of Scripture.

Mountain Moving Faith takes the reader on an incredible journey to some of the most significant mountain passages in Scripture.  Stand on the cliffs of Caesarea Philippi as Jesus declares the gates of hell cannot prevail against His church.  Hike the 9000 foot summit of Mount Hermon for an incredible meeting with Moses and Elijah.  Battle the evil prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel.  Believe the promise of Jesus who said you could move mountians.

God could have chosen to communicate the principles of His kingdom anywhere, but He often chose a mountain.  Mountain Moving Faith is a trail map to go where most have never dared.  Lace up your hiking boots and grab a rope.  Let's climb!